15% Loyalty Discount

Become a Regular Customer, and you get a permanent 15% discount!

10 reasons why worth having a Forever discount card:
1. There is no entry fee.
2. There is no monthly, annual renewal fees.
3. No compulsory purchase.
4. There is no obligation!
5. Instantly achieving the 15% discount level with a one-time minimum purchase (for example by purchasing the weight management programs). Free webshop where your friends can purchase their favorite products immediately.
6. If you reach the 2-point level in 2 months, you can get the products for wholesale price, which means a 30% discount.
7. At the 2-point level, you have the opportunity to get back additional 5% after every purchase that you can validate in your buying instantly.
8. This discount card is an opportunity for a lifetime, which can be inherited.
9. You can terminate your discount card any time, with no obligation.
10. Those who shop products with their own Forever discount card, have a product money-back guarantee!
In England there is 100% money-back guarantee up to 60-days.

So, as you can see, becoming a member of Forever only brings benefits to you!

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