About me


Welcome to my website, I am Andrea Dancso, one of the Global Business Mentor

 with the support of Forever Living!

I am building my business network throughout Europe successfully with the help of online tools in countries where I have never even been to!

Thanks to our Online Mentoring Program it is not necessary to travel. I can work in my home while I can be with my children.

Thereby creating a new concept in Network Marketing: “Laptop lifestyle business”.

Of course, if the geographical conditions allow, I can meet in person with my clients, for example on maternity sessions.

I believe that there is no one who can not be successful in this business, just someone who gives up too early.

In today’s fast-paced world, TIME, Health and Financial Stability gets more and more important to the people. You can achieve all three of them with the help of our Online Mentoring Program!

All you need is your dream and WI-FI. Everything else is ready waiting for you to achieve it!

My goal is to show people how they can work from home either in full-time or part-time. Even when they are mothers with a baby, using a laptop and using our online mentoring program!

I am steady and persistent and most importantly – I am teachable even after the successes I have achieved.

Everything what I do is simple and can be copied.

I am Mother, Wife and also a Businesswoman.

Anyone can do it after me.

So, if I succeed, then you, too!